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Erin Thole

Oct. 16

Whether your goal is to improve your athletic performance, or you want to make a nutrition lifestyle choice it all begins with understanding an in-depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to an individual's food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history.The assessment of anthropometric and biochemical measurements leads to a plan of care, or intervention, designed to help the individual either maintain the assessed status or attain a healthier status.


Nutrition Screening

Interpreting the Results of a Functional Movement Screen

Michael Donahue

Oct. 23

This course will focus on the benefits of performing a functional movement assessment for an athlete.  An athletic trainer should be concerned about injury prevention and be knowledgeable about interpretation of the results.  This course will describe many of the common imbalances and how to put together a program for an individual athlete.

Marketing the Functional Assessment

Dr. Otto Krueger

Oct. 30

This course will focus on current trends of marketing, specifically functional assessment within the clinical setting to the public. We will discuss the value and ways to make a powerful presence to the public, establishing the athletic trainer as a revenue generating expert.

Basics of Sports Nutrition

Erin Thole

Nov. 6

Athletes of all levels seek to improve their performance and get the most out of their activity.  Learn the basics of not only what to eat but when to eat it and find out if those supplements and ergogenic aids are really helping you achieve your goals.

Athletic Trainer's Role in Injury Prevention

Michael Donahue

Nov. 13

This course emphasizes the importance of preventative medicine in the hands of the athletic trainer.  Prevention techniques can be utilized to reduce the risk of injury and should be a consideration for all athletes.

The Competition of Being the First (To Evaluate an Injury)

Dr. Otto Krueger

Nov. 20

This course outlines current trends of being the first to evaluate an injury. Discussion will include how to overcome the difficulty of competition.

Get Moving! How to Energize Your Workouts

Erin Thole

Dec. 4

Translate science into practice by learning what it takes to become a successful athlete by understanding the specific nutritional requirements or challenges that result with extreme levels of training and competition.

How to Market Athletic Training in a Fitness Center

Michael Donahue

Dec. 11

This course will describe the broad definition of an athletic trainer, specifically how an athletic trainer can be employed in a fitness center or corporate wellness center.  How does being an athletic trainer set you apart from other applicants? 

Case Report: How a Disc Herniation impacts an exercise program

Dr. Otto Krueger

Dec. 18

This case study discusses a patient'