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To increase the effectiveness of your chiropractic treatment plan, we may also include soft tissue therapy sessions.


During these sessions, the therapists perform different services to help you relax while releasing tension and muscle soreness from your body.

Massage therapy is often prescribed to aid in the healing process for many sports-related injuries.


We will put together a custom treatment plan to compliment all of your fitness goals.

Massage services and sports injuries

Walk-ins are always welcomed.



Using massage to help with pain relief

 •  Deep-tissue massage

 •  Sports massage

 •  Active / passive stretching techniques

 •  Trigger-point therapy

 •  Myofascial release

 •  Infant / pediatric massage

 •  Prenatal / pregnancy massage

Massage service options to improve your life

If you are currently pregnant or just recently had a baby, we offer several massage treatments that can improve the health and wellness of mother and child. Our therapists are trained to perform both prenatal and infant massages.

Massage services ideal for pregnancy and infants

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